How to grow your traffic through Twitter

How to grow your traffic through Twitter

Twitter is one of the most popular social media with more that 317 million users and 50 million tweets shared every day. Not only that but twitter is one of the most “social” social media. What that means is that you can have a conversation with someone that is not in your “bubble” of friends more easily than in other platforms. This results in huge amounts of impressions that you can drive to your site of product for free, just using the site’s search bar and targeted hashtags. Most small businesses though can’t succeed on twitter and they abandon the medium for more “easy-to-use” platforms. That is mostly because they see twitter as a content-pushing platform and don’t want to start conversations and interact with their audience.

There are three steps you have to take in order to succeed in twitter as a small business.

  1. Reach for Customers
    There are millions of people posting everyday that they are interesting in your products or services but they do it in their own style. You can leverage that and offer them a “helping hand”. For  example if your business is renting and selling houses and someone tweets “i’m thinking of moving to Athens” or “i’m planning a trip in there” you can reach out and answer them. You can help them find a good place to live and gain a potential customer. Even if you don’t close the deal, people will see you trying to help them and they will appreciate it.
  2. Make them Click
    Once you find them you have to make them click your links. Twitter is noisy. Many tweets are getting lost because of that. Imagine that you follow 1000 people and everyone posts a tweet every day. It’s really easy to get distracted. The solution to this problem is to post regularly. Tweet 5-10 times a day, automate your tweets in order to soften your workload and spend the rest of time answering questions and engaging with your audience. Do that every day. Remind them that you are there. 
  3. Recycle your Tweets
    Coming up with new content every day is really hard and especially if you are promoting the same product time and time again. The secret behind successful profiles is that they recycle their old tweets. As i said above many tweets can be lost and twitter is really notorious for the bad homepage algorithm that they (don’t) have. Repost your old tweets after a while (6 – 8 days), in order to reach more people that haven’t seen them. 

Everyone can be successful on Twitter if they want to. A good strategy is the key to success

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