CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management.


CRM is one of the most important success factors – the milestone- in product and services sales. Onassis had much of his business success due to the handwritten notes he held, with information on each person he knew. Of course things have evolved since then and technology is an additional tool available to every entrepreneur, whether he is a professional, or a large company with multiple sales representatives.

The features provided at the ready-to –use solutions we at Fresh Voltage can offer to you is contemporary, easy to use, constantly updated, simplified and customized to meet the needs of your business.


Whether you are in your office, or waiting at an appointment with a client, or even on a trip, you can access all the data you or your colleagues have filed regarding your clientele. You can choose what kind of information you use and it can vary from products or services your client buys from you to your customer’s opinion, the communication between you and any other details you consider to be important.

Your files are safe in our cloud and available 24 hours a day – all year round.

Furthermore, we can create custom, exclusive CRM programs to meet your needs.

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