SEO & Digital Marketing

SEO & Digital Marketing

In the SEO & Digital Marketing is aimed at all those who want to strengthen their presence and their position on the web in order to increase their clientele and the goods and services sales, with the simultaneous creation of brand awareness. Besides, 70% of online sales made by those who appear on the first page of Google search results.


WHAT IS Digital Marketing?

The digital marketing is a part of an overall business plan of a company which is composed of several individual parts and tools at our disposal to achieve the goals we have set. Some of these tools is the On-page seo and local seo, off- page seo, google adwords, remarketing.



Is a series of actions that formulating a web page in order to rank higher in the organic results of a search engine. The page is edited in such a way that allows a search engine to easily locate. On-page seo local seo and the changes and adjustments to the site itself while off-page seo is the actions that generate traffic to our website. (Bloggers, facebook, social media, targeted content marketing through the creation of original articles).



The Ads is one of Google’s advertising platform that displays a brief advertisement to users searching specific keywords. To achieve the creation of our message better, more efficient and cheaper, do research to identify the best and most effective keywords for each company individually, we create unique creatives that earn interest of your prospective client, manage and optimize daily based on your advertising campaign thus increasing the traffic of your website.



It is a part of the Ads allow ads to users who have previously visited a web page. Until today has the largest user conversion rate to buyers.

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