Competing Locally with social media

Competing Locally with social media

When a small company is in the process of making their online marketing strategy, they often tend to focus on the global market first. And even though it depends on how the company is structured and what is actually their target group, it can be dangerous. This approach can result in big and unfair competition that not many companies can survive. As we talked before the size of a company can shape their online presence and its effectiveness.

Social media are the go-to solution when it comes to creating a “content pushing” community. Most people are using those platforms and many of those want to read / engage with the content of your site. This is especially apparent in small communities.

The problem

When we decide who to target its easy to get overboard and focus on a large group of people or even audiences in another country. This phenomenon is enlarged in the recent years with global ads by companies like amazon or ebay. Small cCompanies can get carried away by this trend and fail dramatically. The real question is: How can a small company be present in its local society today?

The solution

The answer is pretty simple yet a bit scary. Small brands have the ability to personalize their content and create stronger bonds with their audience. For example a tweet for “happy birthday” to a customer or someone who shared your post is a simple gesture and sometimes seems silly but its really effective. It creates a feeling of uniqueness for your audience. Another example is geographically targeted promotions. Snapchat is the rising star of this with its geofilters but Facebook is still the leader. Creating a geofilter with your logo and promoting to the local events of your community can drive a huge number of impressions to your website. Starting an ad specifically for an area through Facebook can engage, people who pass through there every day, locals or even visitors.

As location targeting is a difficult to master area it’ll be interesting to see how it develops in the next few years. Thinking forward, i think it will grow as mobile assistants like Siri will be used more and more in the next few years.

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