Lead Generation For Smarter Websites

Lead Generation For Smarter Websites

In 2016 on the verge of ’17 nobody clicks on ads. This old-fashioned method of generating leads to your website is dying as the users of the internet are become less and less tolerant for the annoying, time consuming and sometimes offensive ads that pollute most websites. But what can a modern marketer do in order to drive traffic to his/her website? The answer to that question is a bit complicated and requires a bit of knowledge of user experience web design.

First of all you have to put your call to action buttons and links to the natural people’s eye path.

Studies have shown that people tend to read a website in an F shaped way, starting at the top left corner of a page and then proceeding right and downwards. You can take advantage of that by placing  the important information in these spots. Call to action placement can have a huge effect on the number of leads a website can generate and yet not many marketers are really paying attention to it. 

After that you can add a banner at the end of your old posts that will guide them to one of your newer articles, campaigns or promotions. This can engage more and more users that would otherwise leave your page to visit your article or your campaign and help with your conversions. 

There are many examples of business blogs that use this system to generate more clicks.

And last but certainly not least you must use the social media in a way that synergizes with your website’s marketing strategy. You can raise your brand awareness by posting consistently in all the different platforms and treating them differently. People tend to have different mindsets or “moods” if you please when they are tweeting about something or when they send a snap through snapchat that they have when they post something on facebook. Taking advantage of that can be a bit difficult but it can bring the results you are looking for.

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