Optimize Your Website with SEO

Optimize Your Website with SEO

Search engines are the index of the internet and in order to be found in this sea of information you have to rank high. SEO is the process where you optimize your website in order to rank better in specific keyword search. Keywords are essential for the search engines to operate. Many big companies have already won the competition for a specific keyword and will rank first on that keyword search. This may sound intimidating but its not. There are many keywords out there with people interested in them and low competition. But let me explain some things first.

  1. What is a keyword search?
    Lets say for example that your website is a portal for car enthusiasts. You have an index page, a forum and a blog. You want to pop on the front page everytime someone searches for “car” or for “car forum” or even for a car show like “Top Gear”. Finding the keywords that you want to represent your website can be hard and most of the times will have big competition. Use adwords’ tool “keyword planner” in order to find the best keyword for your website
  1. What search engines are looking for?
    Search engines rank your website in terms of Content like titles, subheadings, text. Performance is about how fast your site is running, does it run properly? Authority which depends on many things like how old is your domain, how many backlinks from bigger websites your site has etc. And lastly User Experience. how easy is to navigate through your site, how does it look, how much bounce rate it has, is it designed for mobile?
  1. What search engines ignore?
    I know that many who entered the SEO world the last 2-3 years have heard that meta descriptions are vital if you want to rank better. This is actually a myth. Meta descriptions used to be the easiest way to rank up in a search engine. You simply put all the keywords you wanted to rank in the <head> of your page and done. Easy ranking. Until it was spammed to death and abandoned. Another myth is that if you pay for an ad to your site you will rank better organically. Sorry to disappoint you but that doesn’t happen. Google advertisers who spent millions of euros each month have noted that even they cannot get a “special treatment”. So no. It doesn’t happen. Yet.
  1. Optimize for Social Media
    Many marketers tend to ignore social media even though they use them every day. People tend to share interesting things that they find online, in social media and you can gain from it. Optimize your website for all the different media and try to help people promote you.

SEO has many aspects that need to be addressed. Many website owners don’t really understand it’s significance and make mistakes that can lead to a website failure. This can be avoided with a proper strategy and some attention to detail.

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